Thoughts on my Granny

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Well, this is what I do.  I write.  So, when something happens – I write about it.  This is a way I pay tribute.

Lorraine Olson Hatcher.  Just turned 86 on Feb 21.  Granny to me for over 34 years now.  She was adventurous in her young age. One of the favorite pictures I have of her is her standing in front of an airplane when she was about 20 – gorgeous, movie star quality.  She marred my Papa and had 4 kids, my Mom being one of them, tons of grandkids, and even great grandkids.  I’m sorry she never will have the opportunity to meet my husband or kids.  That they will never know their granny.  That they will never get her birthday money that she would give us or get cooking lessons for chicken and rice or hush puppies or goulash.  Man, she could make a good goulash! 

I was Kimberly to my granny.  She would always call me that.  I guess she figured my Mom named me that for a reason, so I better be called that.  I love how she would write my name.  Kimberly…I like that name.

She was such a big help to our family when my Mom was so sick for many years. 

She knew how to wrap mullet after my Papa would catch like 300 of them.  Now, that is a great pairing right there.  I mean, I don’t know how to wrap mullet so it won’t smell up the entire freezer and kitchen. 

I remember being so afraid of the dark and having to run across the pasture from our houses.  She would leave the porch light on when I would leave and stand out there waiting for me to get across the pasture.  I would run faster than I had ever run before. 

She got me hooked on Nutty Bars – the Little Debbie ones.  So yummy. 

So…I sent her a card last week, it was a birthday, anniversary, and get well card all wrapped in one.  I wrote it big so she could read it (she was pretty much blind with macular degeneration).  I hope someone took it up to the nursing home for her.  I told my Dad to pass along to her I love her, from Kimberly.

I have sobbed today.  I don’t like sobbing.  It is dehydrating and makes my eyes hurt.  I’ve done it too much this week.  But, as I just told a friend…Curtis and Granny are now there together.  Curtis had prayed for her daughter and her granddaughter many times.  I hope somehow she knows that.  But, they both knew Jesus.  That’s what was important.

And, I hope, when I’m 63, I am able to sit with my Mom and she goes on to see Jesus.  I need a good 30 more years with my Mom to learn everything that I need to learn about being a daughter and being a Mom.  I hope I have kids one day that I can tell stories about their Granny to them – and teach them how to wrap mullet and make hushpuppies.  And eat goulash.

My Granny loved me.  I never doubted that.  Tomorrow night, I’ll get to my hug my Mom’s neck.  I can’t wait, LW.  I love my granny.  Thank you for all you taught me.

Tears and all.

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  1. misty

    I’m really sorry about your Granny…I lost my Granma in 2003…she had been sick for a very long time. She had been living with me. She was here for my oldest son and I am thankful for that. I’ll never forget she had watched Daniel one day while I was sleeping after working night shift, he was potty training….I woke up to stories of him hosing down the bathroom LOL
    My most cherished moments with her was talking about the bible. I was so thankful I got to have her in my home with me for a long time before she got sick. The most cherished times I could ever wish for….
    I know I haven’t known you long for even don’t know much about you, but I am thankful we know each other now and I do Love you and have truly enjoyed reading your posts. I am praying for you all. Sending big hugs! =o)

  2. laura

    oh. i am so sorry to hear that. what a sweet tribute!