Menu Week: February 22

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This is going to be early because I’m leaving tonight for Carolina so I won’t have time to post it over the wknd. So, here goes…

Monday – travel and leftovers (and going grocery shopping)
Tuesday – Lunch at Butterfly Garden Cafe with Lilly and dinner at the Stringers – can’t wait for either.
Wednesday – leftovers (clean out the freezer time)
Thursday – think I’ll make some peanut and chocolate chip blondies for the recipe of the week for the office.
Friday – Quick and easy is the name of the game for lunch and then heading out for Trolley Friday with Sarah and Shana will be joining us later in the evening. I’ve never ridden the Ville trolley, so I am excited for the excursion, food, and company!
Saturday – heading to Berea for the day – hopefully it will be nice. Papaleno’s and Sonny’s – can the food day get much better – and hoping to see a friend and take some nice photos and do some shopping.
Sunday – lunch at a prof’s house.

So, gladly this week won’t be high in the grocery bill department! Gotta love week’s like that!

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