Running and P90X

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Yeah – bring on March 1.
That means, typically, there is warmer weather out there. And, I have missed running because of a couple reasons:
1. I hate running inside (track or treadmill).
2. I hate running when its below 40 degrees.

Last night, by the time I had the chance to run, I had to run inside on the track. The past few months this has been almost impossible because my gym keeps the track at about 90 degrees so you can’t breathe. So, I would do interval hills on the treadmill. Last night, the heat/air was back to normal. It felt so good to run 2 miles. I didn’t lose much on my time, but I could feel a difference in my right ham and in my left ankle. I’ve been having knee issues – but amazingly not when I run. So that was a good thing.
I’m running tonight on the track again (just a time thing) and then tomorrow night I’ll run out at Seneca. I’m gearing back up for the Anthem 5k on Saturday.
But, I’ve missed the energy running gives me and the weight loss/shaping ability that running has. Definitely will be doing that. I love the parks here in Louisville, and I am looking forward to Shelley, Johnson, and Lynn Lakes in Raleigh and also Umstead State Park. They will be good preparers for the Half I’m doing over Labor Day wknd. Hopefully some running buddies in Raleigh too. (But I’ll def miss my running buddies here in the Ville).
Ok – now for P90X. I’ve heard and read so many blogs about how absolutely wonderful this is. And for some yes. This is the first time I’ve heard some negative reports of it.
You can read about it here. Basically – its a lot of money. But, if you can borrow someone’s to test before you purchase it, that might be a wise move.
Ok – go exercise people – its spring – that means its one more month closer to bathing suit season – yikes! 🙂

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  1. Sarah @ See Sarah Eat

    I have seen the commercials for P90X and it has definitely caught my interest. My only problem is I couldn't stand to do it every day, even if you are using a different video each time. I have to change my environment more often than that 😉

  2. Natasha

    I enjoy interval training. It was one of the best workout advice I ever got; makes working out sustainable so that you're more likely to get back at it the following day. Good luck with all of your training!Natasha