Turkey Trot Half Marathon – Thanksgiving Day

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Why are so many of the races on Sundays?
This does me no good. So…
I won’t be doing the Half at Virginia Beach over Labor Day because its on Sunday. I won’t be doing the Raleigh City of Oaks Half in November because its on a Sunday.
So…when is the next race I will run (at least big one) at this moment – the Lake Norman Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day – that’s right. I’m going to run – then eat! 🙂
Looking forward to it – and a good cause. If you are in the NC area – I would love a training buddy for this – and if you wanna give up your Thanksgiving Day morning (of watching the parade) – come run it with me!
Update: I’ve talked my parents into coming and having Thanksgiving in Raleigh – so hopefully, I can talk to my Dad and he can run one of the smaller races…