Menu Week: April 12

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This is going to be a great, but busy week! Here we go!
Monday: whole wheat bagel thin with pb and veggie cream cheese (on different halves) before a meeting, fruit at the meeting. Lunch is Moes. Dinner is roasted asparagus and an egg white.
Tuesday: leftovers for lunch and dinner: black beans for lunch and 2 bean soup for dinner
Wednesday: eating out with a cool new lady at work and dinner will be asparagus with an egg white (new low fat dinner)
Thursday: bagel thin, lunch will be maybe something at Caribou, dinner with be a new recipe from the moosewood cookbook: california waldorf salad over mixed greens. And I’m making a new healthy bar recipe – strawberry oat bars – for dessert (with cool whip).
Friday: El Rodeo for lunch and something crazy healthy for dinner
Saturday: pumpkin oatmeal muffins (haven’t made those in a long time) before a bike ride (with dark chocolate pb) and then hopefully some fresh fruit and veggie from the Durham Farmers Market – or another great local place over there – after the bike ride. Saturday night – something uber healthy again.
Sunday: carbs for breakfast and lunch as I’ll be running a 10k that afternoon
Recipe of the week: Strawberry Oat Bars
I’ve been snacking way too much. Need to stop! I need to brush my teeth or something after every meal so I don’t keep snacking!
Anyway – there you have it! 🙂