Taste of Mooresville: Lancaster's BBQ

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What kind of BBQ fan are you? Is it a noun or a verb? Do you like Memphis, TX, Sonny’s, Eastern, Western, TN, KY – so many people out there and everyone with an opinion on BBQ. Well…
Here is mine…
I had one of the best BBQ sandwiches ever to be put in my mouth today. Definitely worth the 2 hour and 20 minute drive and the 3.85 per sandwich. The chopped cole slaw and the mild sauce (not vinegar) made this sandwich dynamite!
It is definitely a fave of my sister-in-laws and a gas station in Mooresville has it for sale on Sundays.
The homemade chips are great and not too salty – fun to eat when dipped in ranch dressing. They also come seasoned if you want them – cajun style – that is how Alan chose to eat his – dipped in their vinegar sauce.
So good – go now.