This Whole Life – a New Beginning

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I have moved.  This will definitely take a little bit of time, but I am ecxited about the many possibilities this will bring.  Social media and blogs have been around a while and conquering them will never happen (at least for me).  But, I’m trying to simplify my crazy but GREAT life – and having one blog – instead of three will definitely help matters.

So…over the next few days I will attempt to move all of my blogs to here, so the recipes and devo thoughts and conferences will be on here.  I think I will also keep my blogger ones, but just not add to them anymore. 

If anyone can offer helpful suggestions, I’ll be glad to take them.   Maybe one day this will be changed into a real dot come of my very own: for cooking, ministry opportunities, thoughts in my head, and photography.  But, until then…this will be it.

Thanks for stopping by and follow away!

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  1. Wendy Delfosse

    Blogger/Google actually makes the dotcom easy. I know you just moved to WP and I haven’t looked into theirs but I got a domain with GoogleApps. You can either have your blog just redirect (so could go to or whatever) or what I did was use google sites to build a website and then just linked to my blog on the sidebar. Pretty user friendly to me. Getting the domain was only 10$ a year and google apps or blogger are free. Just something worth considering.

  2. Wendy Delfosse

    Oh also… if you had different users follow different blogs much before you might consider tagging them appropriately and putting the feed for each of the major 3 tags (and everything) at the top of the page. That way if someone only followed your main blog they could subscribe to just that feed, if someone just wanted recipes that one, or they could subscribe to the main feed for all of it. Just a thought.