Village Church's Jesus Came To Save Sinners – Children's CD

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My friend, Jared Kennedy, children’s pastor at Sojourn in Louisville – wrote a great post on the release of this new CD – which you can download for free.  So, I figured I would let him speak for it.  (Just a personal note: I received it Sunday 3rd hour and played it on the way home – easily memorable and great for kids of any age!)

Post image for Jesus Came to Save Sinners–Village Kids Album!

Village Church released their  new Kids CD on Sunday!  It’s called “The Village: Kids– Jesus Came To Save Sinners.”  You can download it for free from the Village website here:\

This CD contains 5 original songs that teach children about the character and nature of God and His plan to save sinners through Jesus Christ.  These songs correspond with the five foundational truths taught as a part of Village’s preschool ministry, The Little Village:

  • Jesus Came to Save Sinners
  • God is Good
  • God is in Charge of Everything
  • God Wants to Talk with Us
  • God Made Everything

This great little gospel-centered Texas/Country/Rock LP for kids.  Village has asked folks to listen to the songs, give feedback, and use the songs in your home and ministry.  They are free on the Village website for download.  You can also download the chords and lyrics for free.  And just for those who need to get their songs off of iTunes, you can find the CD here:

  1. ~becky

    This is awesome! I’m nannying full-time now, which means a lot of time to talk about God with the kids, and a fair amount of car time for listening to music, so this will be great for them. Thanks so much for sharing!