Kenny Chesney's Keg in the Closet

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I was in the car about 12 hours this weekend, so I had plenty of time with the radio. I heard this song on Friday, really listened to the words more on Saturday. If I really believed this song – life would be depressing. Why get up? Is beer really that good? Even high quality beer – none of this lite stuff. 🙂 Now, I liked hanging with my friends during college, I like mason jars, etc.
I was going to share a video that you could hear the words more, but I opted for this live video from Washington because I think it illustrates well a life that may be lived with this mentality. And then below you will find the lyrics.
I love country music. But, I also listen to country music with ears and a heart pointed to Christ – so digesting them with a biblical worldview (hopefully, by grace).

We had a dog named Bocephus livin in the front yard
He liked sleeping out on top of the car
He drank beer out of a mason jar
And he’d climb up on everyone in bed

White frame house in a college town
A bunch of people always hanging around
No real problems we needed to drown
But we’d try our best anyway

We went to class just to pass the time
Back in ’89

We had a keg in the closet,
Pizza on the floor
Left over from the night before
Where we were going we didn’t really care
We had all we ever wanted
And that keg in the closet

This ol’ guitar taught me how to score
Right there on that Lambda Chi porch
Mary Ann taught me a little more
About wanting what you can’t have

Sweatshirts and flag football
Spring Breaks down in Panama
For a while we had it all
We never dreamed it wouldn’t last