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Flash back 10 years. I was 23, just finished my first semester of seminary, had already experienced the let down for failed relationship #1 in seminary, had made tons of new friends, didn’t know what the Fall held for me, knew that Kate Turabian was NOT going to be my friend for 3 more years, had just returned from Germantown, TN for OneDay 2000, and was getting ready to embark on summer #1 of staff with Centrifuge.
Why do I bring this all up? The first time you hear one of your favorite songs you remember where you were. Songs and music are very important to me. I remember the song my brother sang with his class at his Kindergarten graduation (I am a Promise). I remember the song I sang when I didn’t make the Ensemble my freshman year (My Favorite Things). I remember the song Angela and I sang for both Sr Homecoming and Graduation (bring on some Point of Grace). I remember George Strait’s first hit (Unwound). I remember singing Fishin’ in the Dark with my family at the Suwannee River when we had it on a compilation cassette tape with some Marie Osmond, Don Williams, and Dan Seals (gotta love Bop). So, the first time I heard Jesus I am Resting Resting (an old hymn by the way) – I fell in love with it. Years later this song was sung during a wedding that I was in and again – loved it. Unfortunately, this song isn’t sung as much in our churches or on the radio near as often – but hear the words. (We sang it this morning at staff meeting.)
So neat how God has been using discussions I’ve had in the last 2 months to directly point me to the truths in this song. I hope they are a blessing to you and you can REST in the truth:

Jesus I am resting, resting. In the joy of what you are. I am finding out the greatness – of your loving heart.
You have bid me gaze upon you. Your beauty fills my soul. For by your transforming power – you have made me whole.
Oh how great your lovingkindness. Vaster broader than the sea. Oh how marvelous your goodness, lavished all on me.Yes I rest in you Beloved. Know what wealth of grace is thine. Know your certainty of promise, and have made it mine.
Simply trusting you Lord Jesus. I behold you as you are. And your love so pure so changeless. Satisfies my heart.
Satisfies its deepest longings. Meets, supplies its every need. Compasseth me round with blessings. Your’s is love indeed.
Ever lift Your face upon me. As I work and wait for you. Resting neath your smile, Lord Jesus. Earth’s dark shadows flee.
Brightness of my Father’s glory. Sunshine of my Father’s face. Keep me ever trusting, resting. Fill me with your grace.
Jesus I am resting resting. In the joy of what you are. I am finding out the greatness, of your loving heart.

  1. TC

    Great Minds… take 3. Shelly Moore’s version has been in heavy rotation and meditiation for me lately. So thankful that we can rest and satisfy our deepest longings in Him.