Taste of Durham: Cuban Revolution

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I’m a little behind on my restaurant reviews – but here goes.

The American Tobacco district in Durham is home to some great night life, the Durham Bulls, and fabulous restaurants.  Parking is not fun, especially when there is a football game, but it is a great way to spend a Friday night with friends.

Cuban Revolution is one of those places.  The atmosphere is fun, eclectic, historical, cultural.  The wait staff are wonderful and engaging and knowledgeable.  The food – I really did love what I ordered. 

We started with sweet potato fries.  Good – but not the best I’ve had.

I ordered the Cuban salad – black beans and maduros – I fell in love.  So good.  Dressing on the side.  Who knew maduros on a salad would be so good?

We went on a night with a baseball game across thestreet, so we had a pretty lengthy wait – but it was worth it, fun nightlife atmosphere, would be fun for some dancing if they ever had any times to do that, price was reasonable, and once the game started it cleared out and ended up as a quiet evening (until the game got out).