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It has been a while since my last blog post – but I have good reason – I was at youth camp all last week.  So, you get a brain dump in this post – and the next post will be a compilation of some google feeds I found interesting.  These are in no particular order.

1.  Camp was great.

2.  Kids were saved – always a plus

3.  I like sleeping in my own bed without ants.

4.  Sometimes I wish I could shut my brain off.

5.  It is hard to be in worship (singing/listening to the Word preached) for 4 hours a day and no be able to be alone to digest it – 5 days total.  Overload.

6.  It is a good thing to be in worship that much. 

7.  Yes – I don’t know how I reconcile the two.

8.  My heart breaks for young girls who are struggling like I had to.

9.  Fiction is a good thing to read when I want to read – but don’t want to think.

10.  I struggle with idolatry.  I have 3 main ones – I realized one of those today.

11.  I love and hate to journal.

12.  I am working on my photog with shadows and light.  I don’t always win.

13.  I’m not cool.

14.  Having a good dance partner makes all the difference in the world.  I don’t have one.  But, line dancing is fun.

15.  I want to be cool in front of teenagers.

16.  When will that ever go away?

17.  I like being reminded of what/who I am waiting for.

18.  I miss Huber’s

19.  I miss some great friends in the Ville.

20.  I wouldn’t trade RDU for anything.

21.  I love to travel by myself.

22.  I love Caribou’s signature teas for the summer.

23.  Nick Roark can preach.

24.  Satan is real

25.  Lies damage

26.  Guys puzzle me.

27.  The heart is a mysterious thing.

28.  It is also desparately wicked – who can know it.

29.  I don’t know everything.

30.  I like (and don’t like) being reminded that it is not all about me.

31.  I love to sing with abandon.

32.  I like watching people who are skilled and joyful at what they do.

33.  I am glad I have 3 trips to the beach planned – I miss water. (Insert Brad Paisley song here).

34.  I ate too much junk food for meals at camp.

35.  Being sick wipes me out – I don’t like it.

36.  I think I might buy a fountain pen – should I get a bottle or cartridge?

37.  I like peace and quiet.

38.  I envy. 

39.  The cross covers that envy.

40.  I struggle between the balance of Romans 8.1 and Titus 2.10

41.  Life is much easier when I don’t have so much to think about.

42.  It is just easier or better?

43.  I love my job.

44.  I love my church.

45.  I love to celebrate people’s birthdays.

46.  How my life would be completely difference if a handful of things had gone differently earlier in life.

47.  God is sovereign and has a great plan.

48.  He will not withhold anything good from those who walk uprightly.

49.  I like to control things.

50.  I am not in control.

I think that’s a good one to end on.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a recipe and some good links.

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  1. Alvie L. Davidson

    Wow..that truly was a brain dump. Enjoyed the read. Sounds like camp was fun and work all wrapped up in one.

  2. Kelly Zargo

    You are cool. My rising 10th grader has alot of great things to say about you. In particular, you nailed the rather difficult discussion you had to lead and you did it with diginity and grace. I also love your transparency — you really challenge me in that area. This was a great post.