Monday Much & Link Love (July 12 edition)

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I thought I would have this as a weekly post.  It allows me to be transparent and send you link love from friends/blogs I read.

1.  Saturday night was one of the most enjoyable of my 3.5 months in Raleigh.  Headed to the NCMA to watch the Blind Side on the big screen.  Free, football (movie), and friends.  Going back this Friday to watch Where the Wild Things Are.  Never saw it when it was all in blogosphere, so now I get to watch it for free!  And I love hearing people laugh, and learning what they laugh at!

2.  I miss the weekly and way Sojourn does communion. 

3.  I love the pastors at my church.  They are a true treasure to me.

4.  Can one ever eat too much Mexican food?  I don’t think so.

5.  I started a new blog: For the Love of North Carolina.  Check it out. 

6.  My brother is fishing on the Suwannee this week and my parents just started their 3 week cross country train trip.  I think Ty and I are the only 2 working. 

7.  UVA trip to write and photog and hike this week.  I really love UVA – the campus is gorgeous and there is so much history there.  I’m taking the backroads up there, so maybe I’ll get in some cool NC shots for the blog.

8.  I am losing a battle.  It is all about choices.  Today, I took the stairs, did jumping jacks, and will do two miles on a treadmill tonight when I get home from a long day.

9.  Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon – who can’t just love those two!

10.  Knowing that no matter how many times a day people have babies, it is still a miracle of God and we can never take those births for granted.  Praying for some folks in Durham.

11.  Sometimes there is pain in the joy and joy in the pain.  But, I will rejoice. 

12.  Found out about pregnancies and engagements this week – God is good. 

Link Love

1.  I don’t know if I would wear this, but it makes me think of one of the greatest fiction men of all time.

2.  If you have girls who love pink (every girl should love pink), then this would be a fabulously decorated room.

3.  I am thankful for this guy’s sense of humor and the way he has really mentored me in some way since 2003.

4.  If you love the fiddle or the drums, watch this.  I personally liked the second one better.

5.  I admit, I do this.  Do  you?

6.  If you want to be a better writer, you must be a better reader.  This is why I do so much of it.  Justin Taylor recounts Doug Wilson.

7.  This is definitely one of my favorite summer cookies.  I love them.

4 Responses

  1. Sarah (from See Sarah Eat)

    Man, we are going through a lot of the same things. No coincidence, I am sure. I am so thankful for your friendship and for your heart — you are an inspiration to me in the way that you share the Truth in everything you do. I actually started another blog too, ha ha! At first, I thought I must be crazy but I think eventually, it will be a great thing. It’s just about life, which I am slowly starting to learn is about more than food and exercise. I’ve been missing out on a lot! Hope you have a blessed day 🙂

    • kimddavidson

      Oh how right you are sweet friend! I wish it could be all about one thing – but that would not the ONE thing that it needs to be about. But, its also about balance. Man – I need to learn that in life. Maybe we can meet up halfway in between and do some hiking this fall one Saturday…