Much & Link Love (July 19 edition)

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Good Monday morning! I really look forward to this post each week now. I hope some of these links are a blessing to you.

1. Started the 5am club this morning. God graciously woke me at 4.57 so I wouldn’t have to hear my alarm.
2. Training vs trying in the Spiritual Disciplines – and here is a new book on the subject (new to me).
3. God is carving in me meekness and repentance.
4. VACATION this week! Can’t wait to spend 4 days in TN with friends: hiking, reading, hanging with friends, new babies, mentors.
5. There are certain people whom you just can’t get enough of – I love those people.
6. I love old movies.
7. I absolutely love my church! Last night we had 20+ baptisms in a pool – with a break in between due to lightning (when we ate pig/chicken/blueberry cobbler/choc chip cookies/hung out with friends) and then baptized more once the lightning time out was over. God is good. The pastors and deacons and elders who serve us are truly a blessing!
8. Last night I lost a contact. That means for the first time in 20 years (since I started wearing contacts) I lost one. Stink. But, God is bigger and has provided the money – now I just must deal with glasses every day until they come in.

Link love:
1. When you can’t eat an entire avocado and you don’t want the rest of it to go brown – here is what you can do with it. (I fixed the link)

2. Memorizing Scripture is important – remembering it is too!
3. I need to follow some of these rules this week as I travel.

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  1. Brandi

    I think you look great in your glasses! Plus, your eyes need to rest every now and then. 🙂