Toby Keith – This American Ride

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Throughout the entire CMT awards show back in June – clips from this video were playing.  I had no clue because I had never listened to it.  While driving to Charlottesville the other day I took the time to listen to this very sad song – states accurately the state of our country.  I’ve been around the world – this describes typical America. How can we as the church live differently? Be different? Teach our youth and children how to pursue Christ and not – This American Ride?

Momma gets her rocks off watchin’ Desperate Housewives.
Daddy works his can off payin’ for the good life.
Kids on the YouTube learnin how to be cool.
Livin in a cruel world, pays to be a mean girl.

Thats us, Thats right
Gotta love this American ride.
Both ends of the ozone burnin.
Funny how the world keeps turnin.
Look ma, no hands.
I love this American ride.
Gotta love this American ride.

Poor little infamous America’s town.
She gained five pounds and lost her crown.
Quick fix plastic surgical antidote.
Got herself a record deal, cant even sing a note.

Plasma gettin bigger, Jesus gettin smaller.
Spill a cup of coffee, make a million dollars.