Taste of Asheville: The Green Sage

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Are you a vegan, vegetarian, or only eat organic foods? This place is definitely for you! This place would definitely fit into Chapel Hill or Louisville – but it is nestled on Broadway in the downtown district of Asheville. Right on the corner – it is easy to find.
I went there this past weekend for a birthday dinner. The place wasn’t slammed for an early Saturday night mainly due to the Bele Chere festival that was right outside its doors. But, the good thing was the windows so we could sit inside in the air conditioning and watch all the festivities.
I ordered the black bean burger with sweet potato fries. My two dates ordered the burger and sweet potato fries and the green sage breakfast platter. I can only speak for what I had: the bun and the tomato (so juicy and perfectly ripe) were the best part of my plate. I heard rave reviews about the breakfast platter though.

1. The price. All were under 10$ that we saw which is unusual for an organic place.
2. The folks. Very friendly and happy to help or answer questions.
3. The tea. Plenty to choose from and so good iced on a hot day (loose leaf teas).
4. The cafe-type atmosphere. If we had this place in Raleigh – I would go.

1. Food wasn’t the best.