Taste of Asheville: The Sisters McMullen

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Downtown Asheville is known for its restaurants. So many to choose from. As I was walking, I came across this place and since we needed a place for birthday cupcakes – we chose this one.

1. The chocolate ganache frosting on the devils food cake chocolate cupcakes. So yummy and messy.

2. The sign on the wall of the restaurant.

3. The prices. 2.25 for a cupcake isn’t bad relatively speaking to other cupcake desserteries.
4. The look of the other eateries – creamed horns looked fabulous.

1. The cream in my whoopie pie was a dry.

2. The folks there. It wasn’t a very kid friendly space – very small. But, they were insistent that a 3 year not put his hands on the glass – they had just cleaned it. How rude is that? Anyway…cupcakes were enjoyed by all.