Taste of Cleveland: Angela's Homestyle Cooking

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My grandmother nor my Dad lives in Cleveland, TN. But, I felt like I had been to a little with a little bit of both when I ate there last week.
The daily specials were meatloaf, chili, ribs, steak sandwich. I chose wisely with the ribs. Two fat ribs smothered in bbq sauce, fork tender, moist, and oh so delicious. My sides were mac and cheese and pinto beans, with a side of a corn muffin. We looked over at the couple through the window and saw they were enjoying the blackberry cobbler – looked equally as delicious. I tried some of my friends meatloaf and that was probably the best restaurant meatloaf I’ve ever had.
1. The price. All that for 5.99.
2. Quick service – especially if you ordered one of the daily specials.
3. The atmosphere. Pictures of Earnhardt and Jesus on the wall. Old men piling in their Camry to come out and shoot the breeze and drink sweet tea and eat burgers on a Friday night.
4. The ribs.
5. The meatloaf.

1. The service. I think our waitress was just having a bad night. She wasn’t very friendly and she got my order wrong (I wanted the green beans).
2. The health factor – country cooking isn’t good for the cholesterol or the waistline.