Booksneeze Book Review: Angel Song (Sheila Walsh)

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I heard about Booksneeze through a friend of mine at church. My first book was Angel Song by Sheila Walsh. Sheila is a speaker/writer who tours mostly with Women of Faith.
Angel Song is a fiction novel based primarily in NYC and Charleston. The story of a women who loses everything and searches for something.
Here is what I love:
1. Description of Charleston. I love the south, the old south, the coast, all things historical, and the city of Charleston. It is great to hear her go into so much description of the city and some of the history of it. The scenery, the Battery, the houses, and the old charm.
2. The prologue. The back of the book doesn’t do the book justice. But, I was hooked with the prologue. I love it how a book can capture you in just 3 pages.

This book is all about angels. While I haven’t settled on my “how angels work in the world” theology…I do believe in the sovereignty of God. That is what is most important to be remembered. God works everything togeteher for our good.

If you need a good beach read this summer…pick this up. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Jenni Funck

    Come see a beautiful new website related to “Angel Song”:

    There is more information about the novel as well as readers’ stories and art, inspired by their encounters with God’s angels.