Our State #1: Neal's Deli – Carrboro

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Here we go. This will be a journey. I picked up Our State – the edition with 100 counties and 100 restaurants you must eat in this wonderful state of North Carolina.
This quaint, slightly too small for everyone for eats there, deli is in the little town of Carrboro. If you still think you will be in Chapel Hill, you may be right. The two are so closely connected. When you cross through a red light you are in a new city.
Bill Neal, now deceased, who started such restaurants as Crook’s Corner (man, I wish they were open for lunch), is the father of Matt Neal, the man running the show. Their pretzel (brezel) rolls are fabulous and soft with just enough salt to make any sandwich better.
The sandwich that got my attention on the website was the local grilled zucchini and mozzarella sandwich. Tomatoes, basil, local mozz cheese, and fresh grilled thin slices of summer goodness of zucchini. With an olive tapenade. This such was great. I could have done without the green olive tapenade – too salty when mixed with the brezel roll. Still good – that basil. The fresh mozz cheese. The perfect tomato – fresh from a summer garden.
The other sandwich we decided to try was the egg salad on rye. I love egg salad but not a huge fan of rye. The two together – amazing. That was the best egg salad ever eaten (and I’ve eaten a lot). The perfect crunch of the lettuce added that toothy bite. The rye was not overwhelming which was very nice. No need to overpower perfectly good egg salad.
The only thing I would change would be the price. They are a little steep when you only get a sandwich and a pickle. I know you are paying for freshness, locavore food. That’s why I like – wish it was just a bit easier on the debit card.
Go, enjoy this local deli. Much better than the standard Panera or Bear Rock. Support your local growers!