Our State #2: Sherefe – Fayetteville

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I used to be in Fayetteville a few times a week back 10 years ago, but this place wasn’t there. How I wish it was.
A non-descript inside decor gave room to a delicious meal that was fabulous – rivals anything The Grape Leaf (my fave Greek place in Louisville) puts out – and definitely better than anything I’ve had in RDU to date.
1. When I tasted my first shrimp out of this dish I immediately said “I’ve gotta learn how to make this!”. KARIDES ALA TURCA
Jumbo shrimp sauteed in white wine with garlic, tomatoes, feta cheese & mushrooms Served over fire-roasted eggplant mashed potatoes. I could have passed on the mashed potatoes, but I am not an eggplant fan. The shrimp was superb! Nice suggestion by our friendly waiter who was kind and helpful.
2. The falafel. I have grown to love this. And if a Greek/Turkish place can do this well, most other things are going to taste great as well. Their’s was perfectly fried with a pop of spice that hit you about 5 seconds after you put it in your mouth. I only had one of these, and definitely could have had more.
3. The small Greek salad. Fantastic, refreshing, diced tomatoes and cucumbers with a wonderful vinaigrette and smallish bites of feta (instead of bigger chunks). Next time I will get a large salad with falafel on it.
4. Their tzatziki sauce. Perfect to go with the spicy falafel and sop up the doughy and pleasantly warm pita bread served on the side.
1. Too far away (Took 75 minutes to get there).
2. I wish it was cheaper. Mom and I got the salad, sampler, and the shrimp dish, 1 tea for just under 40$. But, we got a TON of food – Mom had plenty for leftovers tonight which she just gobbled down.
So, if you ever find yourself traveling down Ramsey Street in Fayetteville, or there is a traffic jam on 95 and you want a place to stop, go here. You won’t be disappointed. Saturday – every table in the place was occupied.