NC Destination: Chimney Rock

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There are several places in North Carolina that one just has to go to, at least once, to say they’ve been there. Chimney Rock is one of those places. Beautiful even in the summer – much more so I can only imagine if it were the fall.
God created a beautiful world for us to enjoy and by which to praise Him in our enjoyment. I loved being at the top of Exclamation Point and being blown over by the wind, hearing children laugh with excitement, having time to listen to Aquafina music (insert laugh), and just to be on top of a mountain looking down on to Lake Lure or looking across the gorgeous mountains of our state. Longings just to climb rocks and the sheer sides of a waterfall plague visitors.
Only two complaints about the whole time there:
1. 14$ to get in. I still loved being in KY when all state parks were free.
2. Two lane road to get in – 1 in each direction. Oh, well. Testing my patience huh?
What I really enjoyed:
1. Their organization (knowing when the upper parking lot was full so they would start to shuttle patrons and hikers again from the bottom of the mountain).
2. Trail guides for whatever length of stay you wanted. That was very helpful.
3. Pure beauty of the location.
Enjoy the photos.