Our State #3: Ketchie's Creek Bakery and Cafe (Mocksville)

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I love traveling with adventurous people. Saturday was one of those days. I brought along my Our State magazine (just in case). When my friends and I were discussing lunch desires, they allowed me to look through that. When you can eat at a fabulous local dessert caterer and cafe – who wants to eat at Taco Bell or McD’s?
Ketchie’s is just that place. Located only about 1 mile off 40, its a great location for travelers (once you know about it, and now you do). It looks very business/caterer like from the outside (they’ve been in this location about 12 years I think). But, the inside opens up into a bright world os fun colors, smells, cakes, designs, tea, decorations, etc. Very girlie but the food doesn’t make only a chick-food place.
Our three meals: spinach quiche and pastrami (hands down was the winner by all three of us. I took one bite of the quiche – it was possibly the best quiche I’ve tasted – EVER). Popeye would have been proud is a direct quote from the guy who ordered it. Perfect blend of the cheeses that didn’t wasn’t overwhelmed by the spinach – and all balanced out with a light and flaky crust. Another friend had the chicken salad on greens with a fruit salad. I had the chicken salad on croissant and a side salad. My favorite part was the croissant and the croutons! These meals were all around 7$ – which is what you would pay for at Panera or a place like it – but you have more options on the cafe side – and on the bakery side.
The bakery was the winner part of this cafe. Gorgeous cakes lined the cafe cases. Cupcakes, cookies, bars, anything you could think of. Engaged couples were there ordering their wedding cakes, many folks came in to pick up specialty cakes while we were there. They were hopping for a Saturday. Their bakery does a lot of business.
We had: a cream horn (thicker, richer (but not overly sweet cream); a coconut turtle blondie (my opinion it would have been better served room temp, but it was chilled – but still chewy and yummy which is what a blondie should be), and mine – the 5 flavor pound cake (which is what they are known for). If I had 10 times to choose a dessert and pound cake was an option – it would probably be the last one I pick. This one would be the first one I pick almost every time. Vanilla, almond, rum, coconut and lemon with a delicious and thick cream cheese frosting – not a glaze – a frosting. So good. It finally got eaten (about 1 am – all of it). WE all shared the desserts – and loved each of them.
The owner of the restaurant was out serving and working along with his wait staff which was a refreshing sight. Gerald was a pleasing sight and told me about the bakery (in business for 27 years, so you know they are doing something right).
If I ever do get married – if a Publix isn’t in the area (please, NC) – maybe I’ll drive to Mocksville.