Our State #4: Hot Dog World (Hendersonville)

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My friends are great. Not only were we able to knock off one of the places in my magazine on Saturday – but two!
This local hangout in downtown Hendersonville was packed out for a Saturday night. Might have had something to do with it being Labor Day wknd, or the NC Apple Festival around the corner, but I tend to think that Hot Dog World might be this packed every Saturday night.
Housed in what looks like an old Sonic, which I know isn’t true, but it gives you an idea: round cement or rectangular wooden tables under a covering, slanted parking spots (minus the call order box), walk-in to order your food, and cheap good American food. This place did have much more than hot dogs, but when in Rome…
I had the Slaw Dog: hot dog, grilled bun (my favorite part of the hot dog), chili, mustard, onions, and slaw. The slaw wasn’t too tangy which is good for me. The other great thing about this hot dog, while being messy (which is a good thing), was that it stayed together. The toppings didn’t fall off or anything. Every bite was good.
My friends also got hot dogs – only complaint I think was that they weren’t as big as they looked in the magazine.
We also ordered onion rings and french fries to share. The onion rings had a delicious batter that stayed on the onion ring when you bit into it. My complaint about most onion rings (I had more on Sunday night) is that most of the time the onion slides out or the batter falls off. These did neither of those things – so that is what made them the second best onions rings I’ve eaten (best being at Red Robin – the Tower o Rings).
And since it was the Apple Festival, they had baskets of apples around the inside of the restaurant to have for dessert. Cost: under 4.75 for a hot dog and large onion rings. I love cheap food. Wish I would have saved room for the Apple Festival though.