Raleigh Event: International Festival 2010

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A few Sundays ago I got to to get a taste of the nations by heading downtown Raleigh to the 2010 International Festival. One of the joys was seeing all the flags flying high in the new Raleigh Convention Center. That is one of the things I love about RDU – the nations come here.
I ate in Lebanon that day with a great falafel sandwich. The falafel was good (Grape Leaf’s may be better, though) but the bread was outstanding! Nice and warm. I had a taste of France’s desserts and they were good – nothing like the best I’ve had in the world, though.
Other newsworthy things: the dress (every age of participants dressed in country garb), the dance (looks so much fun), and the price (7$ to get in, plus parking). Great deal for a Sunday afternoon.