Recap of the NC State Fair

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One of the highlights of moving back to Raleigh was the anticipation of the annual State Fair. I only live 2 miles from the fairgrounds, so that is a perk.
I chose to go on a Sunday afternoon with a new friend from church. It took us 45 minutes to get there (note the above distance from which I live from the fairgrounds). We got free parking (a plus)! Finally got in for a price of 8$.
I only really wanted grilled corn, but by the time I was hungry, the only place that was near had burnt corn – no good. So, it was really warm that day and my tummy wanted ice cream – soft serve waffle cone with sprinkles was ordered up. My friend got lemonade and a frozen banana. The line for the NC State homemade fresh ice cream looked like the line for Space Mountain at Disney – but it may have actually moved slower. We didn’t wait.
We saw exibits and huge watermelons and cows that looked like they had not a care in the world.
Over a million folks came to the fair this year, which makes me happy because of the economy and the finances it brings to the Wake County area. But, really…it was a let down for me. 2.5 hours and I was ready to come home.