December 2010

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Here we are, starting another month. The last month of the year. 2010 has been an amazing year for me, and I look forward to seeing how God grows and challenges and blesses me in 2011, but that’s for next month.
This month is busy, but not as busy outside the area of Raleigh. Looking forward to hanging with friends in a couple of states, hearing music, chilling this holiday season.
Here are some of the fun happenings.
1. Reilly and Barlow Girls concert in Charlotte this weekend with my friend Wendy. Acoustic Christmas tour, can’t wait!
2. Jingle Ball in Raleigh on the 9th. Another reason to give a child a toy and get dressed up with friends.
3. Summit West Club’s Christmas night. Looking forward to hearing my friend J sing and seeing friends.
4. Dinner at the Barn. Yes, the Angus Barn. From the graciousness of a friend.
5. 3 photo shoots
6. Christmas party at a friend’s house.
7. Premiers of Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Can’t wait! I am actually paying opening night, non-matinee prices for this.
8. Summit’s Christmas Unexpected. Looking forward to hearing amazing music, worshiping loud, and seeing friends.
9. A Simple Christmas at Providence. Andrew Peterson songs, advent lyrics, simpleness of the gospel – Love.
10. Brunch with a northern friend.
11. An open house at a great interior design studio.
12. Going to Florida: seeing the Wrights, the Isaacsons, my FBC OC family, my family, the Greenways over a meal at Sonny’s, the Banks, and others. Will be a busy 5 days!
13. The Shelly Moore Band for Christmas at Richland Creek. Looking forward to a great night of worship with friends.
14. The Gettys in concert at FBC Durham. Love hearing them and this will be an Irish Christmas. So excited. And dinner before hand with friends at a new (to me) cafe in Durham.
15. And who knows what New Years will hold.
Looking forward to a little bit of down time in Raleigh as well, really using my days off to be a little slower (maybe!)
And most importantly, dwelling on the Hope that we have in God through Jesus this Christmas season!

  1. Diane McClary

    I love reading about your December plans! So glad I get to be a part of 9, 13, and 14 with you. 🙂