Workout Choices: Yoga or Rock Music

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Working out: especially this time of year (or should I say in 2 weeks) this is what is on everyone’s mind. You find magazines, gym specials, tv shows, use-at-home products, new videos, etc – all geared toward one things…helping you work out harder and better. Whether your reason is to be healthy, shed pounds, have engagement with other people, or whatever…working out is fun and beneficial. As I was spinning this morning at a local gym, I thought of these things.
Yoga (for me, little y yoga) has gotten a bad rap lately for certain leading conservative personalities. My thoughts have been posted on this blog and you can read them for yourself. Have you made up your mind about it?
Then as I was in two classes: body pump and spin, I thought about another avenue…
Why do I need to listen to a crass instructor who makes sexual jokes during class? Why do I need to listen to rock music that talks about killing someone and uses profanity that the instructor blares at the right volume (the volume is not the problem). I got a great workout in both classes. Loved it. But…there are negatives.
Is there a difference?
If I attend a Hot Yoga class for 90 minutes and shed serious body fluid and kill my muscles or if I sit in my home and do a 50 minute yoga video…or if I let my ears here sex jokes and poor taste rock music…what is the difference?
How do I engage the culture (be outside my Christian bubble) and do one or the other? I would rather attend yoga classes than be yelled at or have rock music filling my ears at 6am.
Is one necessarily worse than the other? I don’t think so. So…in matters like this…christian liberty?
Philippians 4:8 and Colossians 3 come to mind. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Sarah

    I’m just curious about what music it was, ha ha. I am sorry to hear that about the instructor though, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences in Body Pump but the last spinning class I went to the guy did yell a lot. Not sure if I cared for that. I’d much rather be in a yoga class too 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    • kimddavidson

      I don’t know the names. I only recognized 2: Stayin Alive and the regular rock version to the SNF song that Faith Hill sings. And my girls that go to the gym to say just to ignore the guy. Well…can’t I do that with yoga too? Just thoughts… 🙂 I’m glad you have had good experiences with them. And believe me, I’ve loved the actual working out part. But, then, I feel if you wear your own headset, you aren’t really engaging with anyone and act like sort of a workout snob.

  2. Lauren Dyson

    It just shows that there are dangers in making a hard and fast rule. There are almost always exceptions and we need to use our brains when making decisions.