Book Review and Giveaway: Read and Share Bible (Thomas Nelson)

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The kind folks at Thomas Nelson Publishers recently contacted me about doing a book review on their Read and Share Bible and gave me one to giveaway to one of my readers.  So, to be elegible for this giveaway, just leave a comment about one amazing thing you do in your family worship or children’s worship at church to get the Bible into your children’s hearts.  These comments alone will be a blessing to me in the ministry I’m involved in.

I have to say there is one children’s Bible out there that I use as a plumb line for all others.  Unfortunately, this one doesn’t match up, but it does have some great qualities.  Here are the impressive traits about this children’s Bible:

1.  The amount of stories.  Some children’s Bible only has the “popular” stories or ones that are often told.  This Bible has over 200 stories retold by Gwen Ellis.

2.  I love the user-friendliness of this Bible.  There is a table of contents (including topics, Scripture passages, and page number).  Ok, I know this may not sound like much.  But, I find it difficult in other children’s Bibles to find the story corresponding to the passage in the “real” Bible.

3.  At the end of every story, there is a question.  So what?  This is a helpful tool for parents as they take the leadership in their children’s lives as their primary discipler.  Some parents have no clue what it means to teach their children about worship and Jesus.  Maybe they didn’t grow up in a home with Christian parents who led in family worship?  Maybe they are new believers who don’t know what that might look like.  Thankful these questions are there so parents can have a helpful resource for starting conversations with their children about what it means to treasure Christ.

So, what are your tips for getting the Word in the lives and hearts of children?  Leave your comment and I’ll choose a winner and send out the Bible on Tuesday, January 11th.

Thanks Thomas Nelson!

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  1. Misty

    I bought a set of old and new testament animated movies from NEST ENTERTAINMENT. Each movie came with an activity book that has coloring, written “test” like stuff and activities depending on age. I used them with my Son. He would watch a movie and look thru the activity book for an activity he wanted to do during his devotional time while I was having my own devotional time, or sometimes we would do his together, or discuss after my devotion time. We have family devotion and personal devotion. I like to encourage him to have “alone” time with God as well as family worship.

    One of our most memorable devotions was a family time from the “real” bible. We were discussing the broad and narrow road scripture. I used envelopes to help him understand. I put down a standard evelope and the biggest envelope you can buy and asked him to try and walk on both without touching the floor or falling. He danced on the big one! (So funny!!) We contrasted and discussed how this was similar to the roads in the scripture.

    I don’t think I will ever forget that one. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy to help them understand. And they CAN understand the “real” bible as well as childrens bibles. That was encouraging to me since he was my first child and I was very intimidated at the prospect of trying to lead my son to Christ.

    And I enjoyed the animated movies and activites just as much as he did too! ;o)

  2. Tara

    I agree with Misty that movies are really good for my little one we like to check them out at the church library which is exciting to her and I don’t have to worry about late fees! I am one of the teachers in her Sunday School (lifegroup) and since they are 3 yr olds I found it most effective to tell the story & teach them the verses when they are having their snack time. It is the only time they are all sitting still and the ones that love to chat have their mouth full of snack that they are less opt to interrupt. But I also relate many messages to current issues that hey may deal with at home and you see the little light bulbs go off. Love It!!!

    • Kim

      Hey Tara – love it when kids GET the verses they are learning! 🙂 Hope being a Mom is a blessing to you!

  3. Steven Sagraves

    As the father of a growing 2 year old and an music lover, I am constantly searching for age approriate music. I remember growing up and listening to ‘Psalty the singing songbook’ and ‘Bullfrogs and Butterfly’s…we both been born again.’ I remember the music and how, in normal everyday settings, I would be brought back to those catchy songs that pointed back to God’s word. While playing at our band at church and talking with the children’s pastor, i realized that most of the music that was being played was most of the praise music you would hear in church…but nothing that seemed focused on young children.
    I then began a search and was able to find, through various ministries like Sovereign Grace, The Village Church, and a group of musicians going by the name ‘The Rizers,’ music specificlly focused on young children. The music was well performed, the lyrics and scriptures timely, and the overall outcome was enjoyable. I found myself singing along and Isaac would get into it as well. He’s not able to sing along with the songs but would, for example get into the ‘Ask’ ‘Seek’ and ‘Find’ portions of the Luke 11:9-10 Rizers song (you have to hear the song)
    I have subsequently given a copy of those songs to the children’s pastor and Isaac’s babysitter and have found that it has not only impacted the kids, but some of the parents as well. God Bless.

    • Kim

      Steve, great stuff – I agree with the musical choices! When we finish the curriculum we are working on here at Providence, we’ll have a great childrens CD to go with it – Daniel Renstrom – I’ll keep everyone posted! The curriculum will also have a home worship component.