Panera Conversations

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My second office.  Panera.  Specifically, usually, the Panera at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC. On occassion I’ll go somewhere else, but I’m starting to get to know the staff here and like my corner booth. I set up shop: Bible, journal, pen, food, unsweet tea, and laptop. 

I also like it because I can listen in on conversations from people who don’t know the gospel: and hopefully have conversations with people about the gospel. 

Today: point in case:

Two dads are sitting adjacent to my booth at a small otable, no drinks or food, just sitting there catching up.  White, middle-class.  Here is the conversation I’ve heard.

Apparently these dads have not gotten together in a while because they are catching them up on their kids’ lives.  One has a son who is in college, has broken too many rules, and he will not give him a loan for his son’s college dues.  His son runs cross country, has a physically intimate relationships with his girlfriend, and loves to show disrespect to his Dad.  HIs daughter has now graduated college and lives in NYC with two girls from NCSU, paying 900$ a month for her share of a 1 BR apt 4 blocks off Central Avenue in the city.  She knows the subway system and has a great job because of the connections she made during an internship she had recently.  “Its so exciting!”  The son doesn’t know or want to be independent because Mom will do the laundry and take care of him. 

The other Dad talks about his kids being in year round swimming clubs.  That was it. 

Don’t know the marital status of either of them, though I know one has been divorced.

Here is what I’ve discerned:

1.  The Dads have a relationship with their kids.  At least they know what is going on with them.  And the one has been speaking to him about training and sports and succeeding the past many years.

2.  The children seem to be somewhat successful.

3.  The Dads want their children to succeed. 

4.  I have not heard one single word about Christ or the gospel.  Do they know that there is no hope in this world without Christ?  And I don’t know, as a 34 year old single female, how to talk with 2 dads in their 50s about “hey, you need to know Jesus.”  I’m such a wimp.  Yes, a cop out – I wish I had a guy sitting across the table from me, hearing the same conversation, who could turn to them and talk about the gospel.  I wish I had two copies of ApParent Privilege with me to give to them to read. 

Nothing in this life is anything without Christ.

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  1. Sarah

    You can still pray for them! I am a wimp too. And while we are all called to share the hope of Jesus, I do believe some of us were more blessed with the ability to do so than others 😉