Book 3 of 52: a platter of figs (David Tanis)

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Reading cookbooks.  Such a delight.  Really – there is so much more to do with a cookbook other than to cook by it.  Read it.  Laugh at it.  Savor the pictures.  This will occur if it is a well-written cookbook.

I learned the art of reading cookbooks by reading Jenna’s blog.  Many of the cookbooks she recommends are now on my Amazon wishlist (linked here in case anyone wants to buy one from themselves, or me).  This one, a platter of figs, wasn’t on it – but it was at my local library.  I checked it out, read it, took notes, and added it to my wishlist.

David Tanis, of Chez Panisse fame, has a delightful approach to his recipes and his writing: fresh, simple, gorgeous, local ingredients.

There are four I want to try: fava bean salad, spinach cake, pears and parm, and avocado mozzerella quesadillas.  His recipes are divided into seasons – which is really the only way a good fresh, seasonal recipe book should be organized.  Perfect and helpful.

Here are two quotes that will stick with me:

“I was drawn to the idea that the experience of dining is an end in itself.”

“What a strange idea: comfort food. Isn’t every food comforting in its own way! Why are certain foods disqualified? Can’t fancy food be soothing in the same way as granny food?”

Enjoy a platter of figs.