Super Bowl 45 Food

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I heard the other day that the Super Bowl really is just a food holiday.  While I am too big of a football fan to really agree with that statement, I do believe there can be some good food enjoyed on behalf of the two top teams in the NFL.  Tomorrow: the Packers and the Steelers.  (Just for the record, I am pulling for the Steelers even though I couldn’t care less about who wins.)  It really is a sad day because the world’s greatest sport ends tomorrow.  (At least golf is starting!)

I read many food blogs so I have compiled some of my favorite mentions here for a list of super bowl foods you can make!  And enjoy. 

Do you need a vegetarian pizza for the game and like mushrooms?  Here is a pan pizza for you.

Jenna, one of my fave bloggers, gives us heath bar blondies.  Every football game has to have a bar of some kind 🙂

Bennigans.  I remember my first trip ever to Bennigans with my Dad in Tallahassee in middle school.  They have the best potato skins.  Here are some sausage potato skins: potato, cheese, sausage – can it get any better?

Most Super Bowl parties have an abundance of two things: meat and finger food.  These meatball sliders would be perfect for any party.

Michelle comes through with these amazing appetizers.  I seriously wish I was going to be home so I could have these piping hot out of the oven. 

If you want to really impress your guest by making your own crackers, and have time to do other foods as well, make these cheddar crackers from Jenna.  They are simple!

Its Girl Scout Cookie time and since the price of Girl Scout cookies keeps going up (and they support some organizations I would rather not give my money to), why don’t you make your own Tagalongs.  Chocolate and peanut butter – always goes good with football.

This is one of my favorite appetizer recipes that I made a few years ago.  So delicious! 🙂 

Those should keep you busy for the big game.  Whatever you do: enjoy the evening.