Much and Link Love: February 7

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1.  I love it when my roommate is not home at night – I sleep on my couch.  I love my couch. 

2.  Last night I thoroughly enjoyed my time watching the Super Bowl: good game, good food, good friends, good laughs, great belt (yes, I bought a fun new belt for the occasion).  “That was HUGE!” – just for Bob Bacon!

3.  I’m speaking tonight on preaching the gospel – to yourself.  Will be convicting on many accounts.

4.  I have folks speak into my life about being “thick-skinned”.  I’ve grown in that mentality somewhat over the last 13 months, but in some areas it is still very hard.

5.  What do you eagerly anticipate?

6.  Some of the Super Bowl commercials were horrible, some were very sexual (and therefore not funny), but some were great.  Like the Darth Vador commercial.  The doritos ones (some, maybe not all) sickened me to where I almost don’t want to buy doritos anymore.  The Hyundai hypnotica commercials were pointless and too long.

7.  Some of the turn it up past 30 on my car radio songs right now: anything by Zac Brown (including their new one Colder Weather), Put You in a Song by Keith Urban.  Also, LOVE Christ is Risen by Matt Maher – I’m speaking in March on 1 Cor 15 and it goes perfectly with it – and in anticipation of Easter!

Link Love

1.  Ice Milk Aprons is giving away a pretty apron – go see if you want to enter!

2.  David Powlison, via Tim Challies, on Psalm 131

3.  This would never work for me?  Do you also survive by multi-tasking?

4.  This is one of the most exciting things that has come across my google feeds lately.  I immediately text this future-pastor about my excitement for him and his family!  Watch out South Carolina. 

5.  My friend Lara’s post from last week sparked great conversation among friends.  How would you answer this question…

6.  Social media and Jesus.  Funny. 

7.  One of the most comprehensive books on the Christian life.  A must read for every Christian.  Thanks Bobby for introducing me to John Piper 14 years ago.

8.  Bring on March – I’m going to do this! 🙂

9.  There are three runs in my future in the next 11 months: Tarheel Ten Miler, Downhill at Dawn Half, and the Low Country Marathon.  Yes, folks, that’s right – a full.