Book 5 of 52: Parables of the Cross: Lilias Trotter

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“And we ourselves are “saved to save” – we are made to give – to let everything go if only we may have more to give.” – Lilias Trotter

I first heard of Lilias Trotter when I read Noel Piper’s book Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God.  Such a radical book of the lives of 5 women who served their amazing God above all else.  It is no secret, that since I read this book, I’ve wanted to name my daughter (if I have one) Lilias.

She was a talented artist (the sketches in this book, though b/w, show off her skill), yet she gave it up to go be a missionary to Muslims in Algeria.  She served faithfully there in the late 1800s.

This book, while not my favorite because of its poetic parable-y style – speaks of her heart and journey.  Once you know her story, you can pick up on things she says and how that possibly influenced her or her story influenced her to write that particular sentence.

“All known sin must be deliberately given up, that the rising current may have its full play.”