I am NOT a hoarder!

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I never want to be on that show.

Many of you know my love of all things ELR and Jess LC (MakeUnder My Life) – two fantastic blogs I read and love on a daily basis.  Jessica did a recent post (which she has done before) on getting rid of 50 things that you don’t need.  Cleaning out.  Living intentionally.  So…here are my 51 (I am an overachiever) things that I am taking to Goodwill today.

The only thing I am replacing it with is a lamp for beside my bed so I can read at night without getting up out of my warm coziness!

What do you have in your house that you don’t need or use anymore and how can you live your life with intentionality – even in your possessions?

For where your treasure is – there your heart will be also! – Jesus

5 Responses

  1. Leah Finn

    The fact that you took a picture and labelled everything made me smile. it is nice to have a record, just in case you have those moments where you feel like you aren’t making a ‘dent’ in the ‘stuff’–you can see the pictures and know you aren’t hoarding! Good job!

    • Kim

      Whatever I can do for you! 🙂 Hey – now I know how to use the text portion of my photo editor! 🙂

  2. Bonnie Boisvert

    I started reorganizing all the STUFF in my house on Sunday evening and so far have thrown out 4 or 5 white trashbags of junk! I have trouble with some stuff though…like things from SA that I know I don’t need anymore, but want to have around talk show people and talk about later… I’m also taking off work tomorrow and planning to make more of a dent!