Top Books

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Libraries are so fun to look at.  Man, I could spend days reading or looking at others’ libraries.  They inspire.  They encourage.  Yes, the libraries themselves, but also the books themselves.  They inspire thinking, writing, and action.

I will be ultra spiritual and say my Top Book ever is The Bible – but I’ll leave it with Colossians 3:16

Top Books for Women/Wives (all of these are in no particular order unless otherwise stated)

1.  Helper By Design – Elyse Fitzpatrick

2.  When Sinners Say I Do – Dave Harvey (great book for pre-marital counseling)

3.  Feminine Appeal – Carolyn Mahaney

4.  Radical Womanhood – Carolyn McCulley

5.  Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye – Carolyn McCulley

6.  Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild – Mary Kassian

7.  Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God – Noel Piper

8.  Biblical Foundation for Manhood and Womanhood – Wayne Grudem

9.  Sacred Influence – Gary Thomas

Here are my top authors – so you could really read this to say:  anything by these authors are in my top books!

1.  Jerry Bridges – yes, my favorite author – EVER – fave book is Respectable Sins

2.  John Piper – his Swans series is my favorite

3.  D. A. Carson

4.  Paul Tripp – ANYTHING

5.  C. S. Lewis – Narnia and the 4 Loves

6.  Mark Driscoll

7.  Wayne Grudem

8.  Carolyn Mahaney

9.  Carolyn McCulley

10.  Elyse Fitzpatrick (hands-down favorite female author)

11.  Mary Kassian

Now for some random books:

1.  No Other Gospel – Josh Moody

2.  Valley of Vision

3.  Mortification of Sin – Owen

4.  Esther & Ruth Commentary by Duguid

5.  Journals of Jim Elliot (and anything about his life)

There you have it – what are your fave books or top authors?  And yes, I’ve only highlighted my “Christian reading”.  I also love cookbooks, biographies, history, magazines, Jane Austen, classics, and John Grisham, and Charlie Brown!