Much & Link Love – March 21

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Hello Spring!  I won’t count out more winter days in the RDU area (because I’ve lived here too long), but I love the wind and warmer temperatures. 

1.  For the past two weeks to have been really hard, the past 5 days have been really a much needed breath of amazing air from my Jesus. 

2.  And you know, things come from friends.  Time of rejoicing and times of pain and tears and no sense of understanding.  I have friends who are: excited about new ministry opportunities, having babies, just found out they were pregnant, losing babies to miscarries, struggling with adoptions, being diagnosed with cancer, struggline with cancer, marriages crumbling, jobs crumbling.  As I start reading Broken Down House by Paul Tripp – all of this rings true.

3.  Weight is going down! 🙂  External and internal motivation, and warmer weather play a factor in this!

4.  I feel encouraged in what I do.  The last two weeks have been hard on my soul and mind and body.  God is very gracious and reviving to me.

5.  In African-American society, I saw a weak part yesterday – not many men taking leadership in their family.  Unfortunately.  Who do the young black men in our country turn to?

6.  My friends are very crucial in my life.  They are a source of grace and gospel and nurture and nourishment in my life.  Some are let in a little closer – and those closer ones are precious to me!  Thank you – you know who you are!

7.  Going to Charlotte this week and watching bball this weekend!  Go Gators and Tarheels!

8.  2 months from today I’ll be on a big boat going to Alaska.  And yes, I am excited!

9.  Oh, songs, I need to do a song post: Old Alabama by Brad Paisley, Colder Weather by ZBB, Little Miss by Sugarland, – those are definitely top right now!

Link Love

There aren’t many this week: it seems like most I read are on Rob Bell, Japan, or food.  Let’s see what I got:

1.  New hymn worship cd that Bob Kauflin highlights

2.  A delicious coffee cake recipe from my friend, Leah

Ok – I know that’s not a lot…if Rob Bell would just not be a heretic then maybe I would have more! 🙂