Book 9 of 52: For Women Only (Shaunti Feldhahn)

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Over the years since this book was published and was the talk of the world…I’ve seen it, wanted to pick it up, and yet passed right by.  My room loaned me her copy and I’ve read just a chapter each night and breezed through it.

I wasn’t stunned at any of her findings.  Maybe that has to do with my age, experience, and living life with couples who are real and transparent to share their life with me.  But, nothing in this book was an “aha!” moment. 

This book listed some things that most women I feel like should know.  Maybe not the women who think men are perfect and should only care about things that matter to them, but men are men.  We are different from one another – complementary to each other.

Here is my one beef with this book, or word of caution to its readers, and not only with this book, but with other books in this genre.

It makes marriage to be more consumeristic than God intended marriage to be.  Marriage is about joy and friendship and sex and children and fidelity and other things.  But, marriage is more of the gospel, representing Christ to the world, and for our sanctification than this book would ever say.

As my room just said – this is a third tier book. Once you have the basics down and you want to find out how you can SERVE and LOVE your spouse better – this would be a book that you should borrow from your local library or a friend.