Much & Link Love April 4

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1.  Funny, how, when teams in your area lose, no one seems to care about the NCAA Championship.  I don’t know many UConn and Butler fans, at least in the South.

2.  Today: I will have a sinful tendency to believe I am inadequate, compared to, insufficient, not the best or right person to do my job, and all the rest of that.  God’s grace is bigger than my sinful thoughts.  May I concentrate on that.

3.  I had a delightful weekend.

4.  Makoto Fujimura: if you don’t know him and you like art or theology or New York City or culture – you need to.

5.  Loved spending time with friends this wknd.

6.  The ACMs definitely didn’t thrill me last night.  The best songs/performances were first and last – I muted much of what was in between because it just wasn’t all that great.  And Steven Tyler is not country.

7.  Discipline.

Link Love

1. A former pastor of mine wrote this.  Just wait.

2.  Can’t wait till this comes out.  Pre-order now.

3.  My friend hit my spirit today on the head with this post.

4.  Currently reading – but you can watch.

5.  A mentor and friend wrote on pride and anxiety.

6.  Love this post for wives by James Mac.


  1. Lara

    Hey sweet sister. Thanks for mentioning my post. God is so faithful to purge me of that which hinders His Spirit. Love to you!