Much and Link Love – April 18

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1.  Yes, I survived the storms.  We had plenty of tornadoes in my immediate area on Saturday afternoon.  I had a shower to go to, so I ended up driving through the worst part without me knowing it was the worst part.  God is protectice.  I put on a CD that brings peace to me, and just prayed aloud for safety.  More it was: “Jesus!”  He is near!

2.  Shanes in concert on Saturday night.  The music was good, but since it was a seemingly youth event (not advertised as such), they seemed a little more ADHD in their talking between songs.

3.  Palm Sunday Communion service at my church last night was the best service at Providence i’ve been to in a year.  Freedom in worship, focus on the gospel in every element.  So good.

4.  This week: as much focus in the Christian world is on the gospel: the work of Christ on the Cross: our sin that put Him there because the wrath of God has to be paid…I think of sin and how it affects much of life today.  Longing to go back and re-do things and not sin.  Not to have sin affect life today.  Knowing that God restores.  He is gracious and kind.  Brings forgiveness and no condemnation.  May I reflect that truth always in my relationships with others who are sinners like me: friends who let me down, anyone, even the driver who drives me crazy because he doesn’t know how to drive.  Simple truth: forgiveness.  Costly, though.

5.  One of my fave songs right now: Old Alabama from Brad Paisley

6.  Have you ever thought about prayer requests: and seeing how God answers them.  Maybe with a no, maybe with a yes, maybe with a not right now.  God does indeed answer the prayers of His children.  Are we willing and ready to accept the answer: and are we watchful for it?

7.  I am walking in 4000 steps for Wake Forest’s Pregnancy Center.  I have some money to raise – I get to raise – you get to support.  Go here to give to such an amazing, gospel-focused worth.

Link Love:

1.  My friend Beth posted this – and I loved it.  Sorta reminds me of the King George song, “Living and Living Well”

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3.  Moms: do you need a Spring craft to do with your children or something fun you want to do for the Easter table centerpiece?

4.  Love this piece by the Resurgence:

5.  Another great post at the Resurgence by Tim Keller on forgiveness and reconciliation

Happy EASTER!  Live to Christ!