Greener Grass Conspiracy: Stephen Altrogge

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Do you ever wish your life was somehow different than what it is?  Good or bad: are there things that you don’t have that you want and desire to excess?

If you have any of these thoughts running through your head or heart at any time of day, you need to get yourself a copy of Stephen Altrogge’s new book by Crossway Books entitled The Greener Grass Conspiracy.

This is written in true Stephen style: comical, lively, personal, biblical, gospel-oriented, Scripture dominant, applicable.  And full of tweetables! 🙂  So many times I’ve wanted to put a quote on twitter (and yes, I already have) or posted to an email to a friend who might need to hear exactly what Altrogge wrote.  He is a pastor and this heart of a shepherd comes out in every word he writes.

Based on some conversations I had with friends last night, I want to leave you with one of the quotes I loved from this book: (you’ll have to purchase a copy to read the rest)

“We’re saying that eternal fellowship with God, purchased at a great cost to God, isn’t enough to satisfy our souls.” (pg 72)