Much and Link Love: June 20 Edition

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1.  Planning a wedding is fun: and time consuming!

2.  Delegation in all of life (well, most) is needed and helpful and humbling.

3.  I love the people who are around me that I get to do life with!

4.  And at times, I wish I could do everything myself, but it would not be near as good.

5.  How do you bless others?  how do you make it a priority in your family to bless others?

6.  My Dad is a great Dad – he’s taken good care of me for 34.5 years and loves me more than anything (and he’s a fabulous genealogist, and he didn’t pay me to say this)!

7.  The Connecting Conference is where you need to be in August!


Link Love:

1.  Love this new resurgence post on being a wife.

2.  Thank you Denny Burk for posting this: one of the songs in our wedding.

3.  A pastor in Louisville about how to teach your children about God.  Excellent.  So glad he is one of Eric’s best friends.

4.  See what my friend (who is a wonderful teacher and Mom) is developing to teach her daughter.

5.  Wonderful tastes of summer!  Thanks nick.

6.  Love CCEF, Ed Welch, and sexual purity.


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