Psalm Thirty-One

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One of the pleasures of being on staff at a church is hearing from different men who are gifted at sharing the Word.  This verse was shared in our weekly staff meeting this morning and I thought I would dig in a little more and then decided to share it with y’all here.

And side note: sorry I missed Much and Link Love yesterday – it was a holiday – hope you enjoyed yours)!

Psalm 31:19

“Oh, how abundant is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you and worked for those who take refuge in you, in the sight of the children of mankind.”

1.  God is abundantly good.  I also was reminded of Ephesians 3:20 this morning as well.  God is just not good – He is abundantly good!  He loves showing His children His abundant goodness.

2.  God has stored up His goodness.  He has stored it up – ready to pour it all out upon our heads.  Are you ready to receive the blessings and goodness of the Lord?  I am.  Bring it.  God has been so wonderfully gracious to me in the last 15 months of my life – I can’t imagine what good He still has in store for me.

3.  God will work.  His Word and activity are one.  He isn’t like some people and say “do as I say not as I do”.  No – there is no hint of change in Him.  He always keeps His Word.  Will you trust Him to do it?  If you won’t – confess that sin.  Trust in Him that He will work according to His perfect plan.  Keep praying and seeking His work and His face!

4.  Our job: take refuge: REST.  I see this often in single women who search so hard for the right man.  Why?  Because we want the good of being married.  Marriage is a good thing to those whom God has it is in store.  But, we are to take refuge: not plot, scheme, search, lead.  Let’s rest, be obedient, and not be anxious about it.  Most of our anxiousness comes from doing what we are not supposed to be doing: running ahead of God, not trusting, sinning, etc.

5.  Why does He do all this?  Supremely for His GLORY!  Not ours.  I’m not getting married to the most incredible man I know just because God wants me to be happy.  He has not given me a great job that I love to do just so I can say I have my dream job.  He has done wonderfully amazing things in my life like giving me incredible friends and people who pour into my life – FOR HIS GLORY.  He wants to see His renown known to all the children of mankind!  Throughout all the earth!