Much and Link Love: July 12

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1.  Less than three months to go.

2.  Jesus is a better HOPE!

3.  I love watching people worship who really look like they mean what they are singing.  Do you look like you know and believe what you are singing (and actually believe what you are singing – not just putting on a show)?

4.  I went to two weddings this weekend.  I love weddings – because it helps me to think through what I want in mine.  I loved the simplicity of one and the generosity of the other.  Both completely different.  Our wedding will be our own too.

5.  Pinterest – are you pinning?  Another social media site?  Another feeder?  Just wondering?  This is fun and gives me ideas.

6.  Books I’m reading right now: The Greener Grass Conspiracy, This Momentary Marriage, Mark of a Man, Power of a Praying Wife, What Did You Expect


Link Love:

1.  Since I’ll be doing more menu planning come end of October – what do you use to meal plan?

2.  I think I’ll make this for the upcoming weekend to celebrate – summer, I don’t know, celebrate something every day though.  Makes life fun!

3.  Maybe make this for the next day?  These are great summer vegetarian finds – but all I have to do is grill up some chicken or steak for a nice rounded meal.

4.  Do you have this view point of eating healthily?  Hopefully not.  Especially with summer there are so many healthy good fresh things out there.