Early: Questions for New Year 2012

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As I was finishing up the Broken-Down House book by Paul Tripp, I loved these questions in the closing chapter.  I thought them very fitting for the end of the year, thinking about what is to come in the new year.  We love reflection, don’t we?  I was talking to a friend last night, also newly married, and talking about our expectations and if we really think that cooking dinner and cleaning the house will amount to anything.  Encouragement came even as I spoke the gospel to her. 

Here you go.  Reflect away:

“Let me urge you to take thirty seconds to examine the investments you are making now and the return they are likely to leave behind.  You can do that by considering the following questions: What have you poured your time and energy into today?

What have you invested in so far this week?

This month?

This year?

Where have your efforts gone, and what do you think will come of them?” (pg 206)

What are you doing that will benefit those you are with now and leave a legacy of Christ to come?