Third Trimester Update

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Greetings from pregnancy land!

As I entered the third trimester last week, I am now on the countdown.  I can’t wait to meet this little guy.  No, I’ve not started dreaming what he looks like or anything, but I do hope he has my husband’s dimples.  I had no hair for a couple of years and my husband had blond.  So, oh, and his blue eyes would definitely be a great asset!

The next few months hold much for us: some trips to FL, some weddings, showers, writing, conferences, meeting with friends.  When will I ever find time to organize the nursery?  Really – the kid needs diapers.  Those don’t need organizing!

I took my glucose one-hour test today – anxious about it as I woke up, drank the pop like a champion, and now I wait.  To be honest, I’m not really good at waiting.

There are many decisions that we still have to make as a couple and we know that God is gracious and gives wisdom when we ask – so believe me, we are asking!

I now am feeling more pregnant, but BIG too.  I know, I know – don’t worry about the weight.  I’m not worried about it – just know that it is there. 

It is getting hot in NC.  It has been cool and I take that as “and God gives more grace” and why am I greatly anticipating being in FL in the middle of the summer?  Who knows?  Just am very thankful for A/C!

My husband has been a real trooper.  He helps with the dishes (yes, our dishwasher is still not functioning), he loves me unconditionally, prays for me about many things big and small, and is also eagerly awaiting our son’s arrival.

Baby Campbell will be here soon.  Hopefully the next pregnancy update will be when our little boy bundle arrives!