How Single Guys Don’t Need to Treat Women

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This is a post written really to my single brothers in Christ (because I found the following status update on a friend’s FB page).  But, girls – ladies, I pray that you would pray for your brothers in Christ that they would treat their sisters in Christ as just that – sisters in Christ.

Here was a recent FB post on a believer’s FB page:

(so on Saturday I called up my ex-girlfriend)

her:  what do you want?

me:  it’s hot, and I miss your icy stares, your cold shoulder, and your generally frosty demeanor.


I know, it is st a joke Kim, but seriously – this isn’a type of joking that should come from Christian brothers – the Bible says to not let any coarse joking come out of your mouths (Eph 5:4)

Brothers, friends:

1.  I don’t know of too many women who desire to be joked about like this, to their faces or behind their backs.

2.  This kind of joking does nothing to build up the body of Christ (Eph 4:29)

3.  This would definitely not be the kind of joking that would be gracious to tell your wife in marriage, so why have the practice now as a single guy.

4.  Men who are married, please lead your single brothers to treat and think of women better than this.

I am married to a gracious man who never once joked with me like this – that is one of many reasons I knew he was marriage material.  He was respectful of me from day one.

Ok – rant over!  Back to your regularly scheduled blogging already in progress!