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I love friends who make me run hard after Christ.  One of those said friends is Janel, who is about to get married!!!  A few years ago I went to visit her in cold and blustery Chicago.  We watched a part of the Esther DVD from Beth Moore.   Through watching that, reading the end of Deuteronomy and the beginning of Joshua, and talking with a friend who I can be completely real with…two truths about my life came out.
I Fear.
I Fear A LOT!

Beth Moore pretty much said this. If ________, then ___________. Let me fill it in. If I eat too much, then I will gain weight. If I gain weight, then I won’t be cool anymore. If I am not cool anymore, than I will be lonely.  If I sin too much, then I will disappoint my husband.  If my son doesn’t do __________, then others will think I’m a horrible mom.  You get my drift. She said basically your logic had to be
“If __________, then GOD. It always had to be God in that second blank. If not, then something is amiss.
And that tied into something I heard recently – whatever you fear – that is your god. So, let me do some sentences for you….
I fear getting the dream job, because I fear failing at it (or not being OUTSTANDING at it.
(god = success)
I fear gaining weight, because I won’t be a role model to other girls and I won’t be attractive or be successful in ministry. (god = self image, pride)
I fear rejection by friends, because then that will mean something is wrong with me because they don’t like to be around me anymore. (god = friendships)
I fear never getting married, because someone won’t love me enough, and like me enough, to commit the rest of his life to me. (god = marriage, relationships).
I fear failure, because I have to be good at what I do (god = success).
I fear people getting to know me, because what if they just like me at a distance, then once they get to know me, they don’t like me anymore (god = people, popularity).

Beth said something else. Sometimes we fear not getting married because we don’t want to be alone. But, then we fear marriage because what if we get it and its not as great as we always dreamed or we screw it up somehow? I fear not getting that dream job, then I fear getting it because what if I am not good at it and people don’t like what I do?

Do you hear these statements? Do you see what brought me to tears this weekend?
I trust in other things besides the God of the Universe!
Here are some verses (it is so often used in Scripture):
Numbers 14 – “The Lord is with you, do not fear.”
Dt. 31 – “The Lord will be with you and won’t forsake you, do not fear.”
Ps 118 -“The Lord is on my side, therefore I will not fear.”
Jere 42 – “Do not fear them, declares the Lord, for I am with you.”
Joel 2 – “Fear not, but rejoice and be glad, for the Lord has done great things.”
Matt 10 – “Do not fear those who can kill the body, but cannot kill the soul.”
Heb 13: “The Lord is my helper, I will not fear, for what can man do to me?”

Basically, in my reading….If I trust and obey, if I obey the greatest commandment, then I will not fear. If I am fearing, then I am not obeying. I need to obey.

What do you fear?

Picture taken July 2012 by my sweet husband.  Location: St. Augustine Lighthouse

  1. GinaEgg

    I, too, struggle with sinful fear (mostly fear of man…pride is so nasty, isn’t it?!) Anyway, I was just reading some in the Psalms this morning about that very thing: Psalm 56:11 came jumping out of my Bible at me “In God I have put my trust, I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me?” Of course, I think “they can ridicule me! They won’t like me! They will avoid me. THAT is what man can do to me!!!!” ugh. Me. Me. Me. I pray that I will “get it” soon.