31Days: New Life Verse (Day 3)

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A new friend pointed me to this Psalm as a way that she was able to persevere through the first couple of weeks of her child’s life.  Once her sweet daughter was born she was immediately taken into surgery and then faced several days in the NICU.  Sounds familiar – except the surgery  part.  I haven’t even met this friend or her daughter but already I know we are going to be good friends.

This Psalm I have whispered to myself probaby 100 times over the past two weeks.  I have whispered it to Eric as we lay in bed at night, exhausted from a newborn and the joys of moving to a new state.  It is definitely taken out of context, because we know the psalmist is not moving and has not just born a child, but the truth remains because God never changes.

Psalm 68.19 “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation.  Selah.”

I hope this offers you encouragement in whatever daily battles you are facing.