31Days: 8 and 9: New Celebrations

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Ok – glad there is grace.  I missed the day yesterday for writing: I was sick, driving, unloading, feeding baby, and on a date with my husband.  Why was I on a date:

We celebrated ONE YEAR of marriage.  It was fabulous!  We went to a wonderful restaurant on the river in Little Rock (although it was too cold to sit out there and too dark to really see anything) called Brave New.  Wonderful food.  My friend Carrie had told me about it and I was hoping my hubs would surprise me with that location – and he did!  We enjoyed wine, Caesar salads, warm french bread, steaks with sides, and dessert ( I had homemade butterscotch ice cream – delightful).

We enjoyed leaving baby with a sweet friend, laughing, driving through Little Rock on our own in our own car, enjoying a fabulous meal, and talking about the past year and the year coming up!